'Referrer' gone from menu


I just updated my piwik installation to 2.0.3.

Since then I do not find any information about the Referrers anymore. My main menu is just Dashboard | Visitors | Actions | Goals.

Also, my ‘Keywords’ and ‘Referrer websites’ widget that I used to have on my homepage are gone.

Any suggestion would be hugely welcomed!


Actually so sorry guys!!

I just went into my plugins page (Settings > Plugins) and found the note that the ‘Referers’ plugin was not compatible. Apparantly there is a new plugin called ‘Referrers’ (double r) that replaces it.

I’ve activated it, and all my reports are back.

I would be grateful for some hints as to what changed here, though? Just curious.


we simply renamed the plugin name to fix the typo in the plugin name. Normally the new one should have been activated automatically, but it may fail for some reasons

Thanks Matt! Yes, unfortunately it wasn’t activated automatically.