Referrals shows the same site

Hi, I’m wondering what can cause referrers be the same as the page we are examining? This happens in transitions and in users flow and if I use referrers in custom reports.

i.e. the user flow is page 1 > page 2 > page 3 but the referrers show for page 2 that the visit came from page 2 (in addition to page 1 which is correct). In transitions these same page referrals appear in websites or internal pages.

I don’t think reloading the page should cause this and the pages I checked don’t include links to the same page.

Hi @Taru_K
Where do you see “referrer” in the user flow?
When you track, do you modify the tracked URL in favor of a dummy URL (eg. with setCustomUrl( string ) or setReferrerUrl( string ))?

By referrer in users flow report I mean the previous interaction. In many cases the user flow shows same sites in different interactions. We don’t modify the URL in any way.

Hi @Taru_K

Sorry I don’t understand what you exactly mean. Could you provide a screenshot (via simple image paste)?
How many visits do you have per day? Do you have some days where testing could be easily done (with low visits to be able to count each action)? Can you check if the visits log seems correct for you? Indeed, the user flow, page transition reports are based on the visits log.

I’m sorry, I cannot send picture since it concerns one of our clients website. If I get permission to send a screenshot I will do that later. For now, let me try to explain better.

In Matomo I go to Behaviour → Pages. I open transitions report from one row, let’s say the URL is “”. On the left side, the “From Websites” section says that 67% of the users came from “” which is the same site as in the center of the transitions report.

What could be causing this?

They have about 800 to 3000 visits per day. Weekends have less visits. Actions per visits seems to stay under 2 despite the visits count. Visitor log seems ok to me. Only a couple visitors have refreshed a page in a row more than once.

Please check the referrer value on your webpages in your website. Use the inspector in your browser and check the referrer in the console with document.referrer .