Referrals from Internal Websites


As this this my first post here, I just want to take the time to say thanks very much for some wonderful software!!! We have been using Piwik for over a year now, and love how helpful it has been.

I do have one question, however, which has only recently come up because we have both an online store and an online blog that we are now tracking with Piwik (v. 0.6.1). Is it possible for Piwik to track referrals from websites within the same domain?

For example, a store at and a blog at These two sites are listed separately in our Piwik admin, with different site ID’s and different code embedded in the footer of each. They are both tracking properly (and independently), but the one thing it doesn’t do is show us how many people go to the blog from the store, and vice vera, which we would love to know if possible. It seems to only track referrals from external websites, as far as I can tell.

Thanks for any insight anyone can provide!

If your hosting permit, maybe it’s time to set up a sub domain for the blog.

If the blog url become “”, it will do exactly as you wish in Piwik.

Using the proper rewrite rules, people could be redirected seemlessly to the new adress.

Hi beasel
Does your “normal” tracking of external links work? If yes: Piwik suppresses the tracking of what it thinks are internal links (target in the same domain). There is a section in h t t p : // describing how to force link tracking anyway.

Thanks both of you for the suggestions! Yes the normal tracking is working, so I’ll look into the javascript. However, since my host does allow subdomains, it sounds like this might be the easiest answer, and a slightly cleaner url. Wish I had thought of it before beginning, but as you say the rewrite rules should be easy.