Referral exclusions

Could I assign the conversion to the first referrer instead? See Piwik attributes conversions to the last seen referrer by default. How do I credit conversions to the first referrer instead? FAQ - Analytics Platform - Matomo

‘setConversionAttributionFirstReferrer’ does not solve the problem because the conversion for returning visitors is assigned to the referral source from the first visit, right?

Would you recommend the multi channel conversion attribution plugin?

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But if this does exclude the visit then it sure excludes also conversion data?

(I haven’t tested the code either :slight_smile: )

We should have the data (page views, conversions etc) but the conversion should be attributed to a campaign, not to the payment gateway. I’ve been thinking about solving this with cookies…

Did you work out a solution for excluding payment gateways so that attribution sticks with the campaign? Google Analytics allows you to do this and it’s pretty critical for using Matomo for e-commerce enabled sites.

Thanks for any information you can share!


I would also be very happy to get the possibility to exclude the payment gateways like paypal, heidelpay, and so on…
Google Analytics has such a funktion which works fine.

Thank you for your excellent work and support!

Nadine :hugs:

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Unfortunately we have the same issue, we are using the premium bundle but none of the plugins can help because paypal simply overwrites all of the campaign data of the whole session.

In other words:

  1. users arrive trough the campaign “X”
  2. they browse the website (until this point we have the correct attribution in real time)
  3. Convert trough paypal
  4. the session’s attribution changes to paypal and we loose track of the campaign “X”

Did this work out for you?

Are you still having this issue? I’m looking for a solution for the same problem.

It seems the only way to have usable data is to access the SQL database directly and create some custom reports.

Actually, it seems this has been fixed.

“Then whenever Matomo will track visits in the future, any website referrer that matches the same hostnames as the “URLs” of your website, will appear as “Direct entry” instead of “Website” referrer channel.”

I have to test this.

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With the above solution, I believe we will still lose the real referrer or campaign source? Since Matomo will count those visits as direct entry.

Is this the only solution ?

Hi @mikkop,
I have encountered the same situation as you recently, and would like to ask you about the test results according to the official instructions? Is there a successful solution to this problem? thanks

Same problem here with this referral topic.

I mean ist “cute” do put them as your own website, but thats not a solution at all, as they are then - as written in the info here: - just a direct entry and thats just worthless.

Also the
_paq.push([‘setConversionAttributionFirstReferrer’, true]);

doesnt work at all…

Cant be so hard to set - fix - the first referer in the DB and the topic is solved.

We have a similar situation - and it’s about to lose us some business :frowning:

Comparing a client’s GA report with our Matomo report we see a huge allocation of “direct entry” referrals (41% in Matomo vs 14% in GA). I can confirm I’ve set the referral url exclusion list accordingly.

Is there or will there be any resolution to this?


Hi Ivy

Happy new year, did you find a resolution to this? We are struggling with over reported “direct entry” when we believe these to be largely cpc referrals (as reported in GA).

Many thanks

There is still no solution and still no info from Matomo, how to solve this simple issue (simple option to save the first ref.)

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Hi @bmo - did you find a resolution to this?

We are now experiencing the same issue,


Thanks for the input everyone. Could someone create a GitHub issue about this?

We’d be keen to look into this but we need to understand the problem / use case better and be great to hear how we could help.

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You “need to understand the problem”? :smiley:

Paymentgateways delete the origin referrer, there needs to be a option: “only save the first referrer”

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Hi Thomas

Thanks for picking this up! I think Przemyslaw’s post above (Referral exclusions - #11 by Mepherotus) outlines the issue sufficiently. The resolution suggested by Matomo in this article does not really address the underlying issue - it merely recategorizes the referrer from “website” to “direct entry”, which in reality isn’t the true referrer for the user’s visit.

Here is an example of what is happening.

  1. User clicks on an email link to visit the website.
  2. User browses website and adds items to basket (at this stage referrer is “Email campaign”)
  3. User completes the order but the website redirects to 3rd party payment provider (paypal/amazon etc)
  4. User returns to website (but now the referrer for the visit is reset from “Email campaign” to “website” or if you have set the referrer exclusions it will be set to “direct entry”. What we need is for it to remain as “Email Campaign”.

As a result we are over attributing the channel “direct entry” greatly (40% vs 15% on GA).

Please let me know if you need any further information.


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