Referral exclusions


Currently we are experiencing some issues with conversion tracking from our webshop in Matomo.*

After customers have paid for their purchase, they are sent back to our thank you page. Unfortunately, Matomo then assigns the conversion to either Paypal or the clients bank-website, in stead of the original traffic source (Google/direct/social etc.).

Google Analytics has a function called: ‘Refferals exclusions list’. You can fill this list with domains you do not want conversions being assigned to.*

Is there a similar feature in Matomo?*


Interestingly I think this isn’t a feature in Matomo even though Matomo automatically ignores visitors with a referrer that is on the list of known referrer spammer.

But I think this should be possible to do in a very short plugin. Basically listen to the following event, check if the referrer is as it shouldn’t be and then set $excluded to true to exclude that visitor:

If I got some time left and you want to, I could show you in more detail how that plugin file would look like.

If you could help out, please do!
Take your time, we are not in a hurry. Would be great to achieve this.

Thanks in advance!

Okay, a basic plugin would be the following (I didn’t test it):


namespace Piwik\Plugins\ExcludeUserAgents;

use Piwik\Common;
use Piwik\Tracker\Request;

class ExcludeUserAgents extends \Piwik\Plugin
    public function registerEvents() {
        return array(
            'Tracker.isExcludedVisit' => 'isExcludedUserAgent'

    public function isTrackerPlugin() {
        return true;

    public function isExcludedUserAgent(&$excluded, Request $request) {
        $userAgent = $request->getUserAgent();
        $userAgent = Common::unsanitizeInputValue($userAgent);
        if ($userAgent == "test") {
            $excluded = true;

isTrackerPlugin is required as by default Matomo doesn’t load plugins that are not required during tracking.

Then you can replace the if with a regex or substring check that matches what you want.

To create the plugin you could first enable development mode and then use the generator as explained here: Setting Up: Develop - Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) - Developer Docs - v3

Thank you. I will ask our developer for help.

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