Referers - Campaign tracking only track the first click of visitors

Dear all,

I use the URL builder and create 3 different links (which link to 3 different pages in my website). Then I send 3 links to my friends and ask them to clicks (I’m testing the function).
However, I realize that Piwik only records the first link they clicks. In other words, when my friends click on link 1 first, then close link 1 after 1min reading, and click on link 2, then Piwik record link 1 only.

I’m using Piwik ver 2.0.2, and my website has the tracking code correctly added.
I would like to make Piwik records every time users click on any links in the campaign.
I have read some documents from Piwik, and I remembered somewhere that Piwik will record the second visit if the second visit comes after the first visit 30 minutes.

Anyone can explain for me why I got this, and suggest me some hints to fix this,
Many thanks,

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Yes Piwik will track only one campaign per visitor.

See: Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Thanks Matt,
Is there any way to force Piwik to track every clicks in campaign? I really need that function.
Thanks in advance

This is a feature request, see: When a campaign changes, creates a new "visit" by default · Issue #2624 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

Also you can work around this, see: How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Wow, thank you very much, Matt. I got it. Thanks again for your precise help. you are awesome :)-D

It’s a valid question. I have one campaign with multiple banners, and I want to know if a visitor clicked more than one banner. Apparently, PIWIK only registers first click and ignores the rest. This provides an incorrect banners clicks stats.

@geza maybe this helps? How do I create new visit whenever a user visits my website using a new campaign or a new website referrer? - Analytics Platform - Matomo