Ref: Super User

I am at a loss what has happened as I can’t change any of the user settings when logged in as the super user.

report to load by default
Report date to load by default
Change password

The options above won’t change when I press the save button

I am using version 1.9

Ian Melin-Jones

Do you have a yellow message at top of scren about Config file?

Check your config/config.ini.php has chmod 777 and can be modified. But piwik should have told you!

No I do not have any errors and I have 777 so do not know Stumped

oh thats surprising. You can also try to rename the config file to _test.ini.php and then re-run the piwik install, and reuse existing table: you will create a new super user

OH no I slipped my mouse and pressed delete tables — I have backups can I put the old ones back!!

Yes you can, sorry to hear about misclick!