REDIS Plugin Issue

Hello !

I am very excited by this new Redis Plugin but unfortunately I can’t make it work.

I am using an AWS EC2 and RDS (no Infile permission) and whenever I try to enable the “queue tracking” I get this message : “WARNING: …/plugins/QueuedTracking/SystemCheck.php(35): Warning - version_compare() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given - Piwik 2.13.1”

I can see Redis is writting into the Dump file but it never get sent to the Database. When I try to process the queue manually I get this message " Nothing to proccess. XX request sets are queued and they are already in process by another script." even if set the process after 5 requests it still goes up to 10 000 and never process…

Can you please support me with this issue ?

Many Thanks !


Hi Scott

please report this issue directly in the relevant issue tracker: Issues · matomo-org/plugin-QueuedTracking · GitHub

At very initial days I was also face same issue. I’m much frustrated about this and does not know what should I do next. But a matomo expert help me to fixed this issue in my website kangguru and then breathed a sigh of relief.