Redeployment to Kubernetes causes disconnect with Database

In my deployment.yaml file I only changed the “image” so that it now pulls the newer image version of Matomo (from 4.6.2 to 4.11.0).

After running “kubectl apply -k .” using my kustomization.yaml it showed that only the deployment.yaml was configured, but when opening my browser with the Matomo URL I am now taken to the first step of installing Matomo all over again. When connecting to the already populated database from the previous version I get this message, but I am not able to choose f.ex “Keep existing data from the database”. Is there something I am doing wrong here?

I should also mention that this is a locally hosted onprem Kubernetes with no access to the internet, that is why I am updating the Matomo version by pulling another image into my “locked” environment and redeploying manually.