'Red cross' image icon in IE but not in Firefox

(lalquier) #1


I installed Piwik 0.4.5 and it seems to be working so far… except for one thing:

When I look at my pages with Firefox, the tracker link is fine - no icon.

When I look at my pages with IE 8 (or even IE 6), the tracker link shows a ‘red cross’ missing image icon.

Clicking on that icon to ‘view picture’ as suggested in the FAQ article does not show anything. However if I open the URL of the img tag, I can see a blank 1x1 gif image, both in IE and in Firefox.

If I cannot get rid of this issue in IE (assuming IE does not want to display the 1x1 gif for some reason) I am wondering if there is a way to conceal the icon itself.

Maybe setting ‘display:none;’ in the style ? or moving the icon outside of the frame of the page ?

Any recommendation about how to hide that icon without impacting analytics collection ?

Edit: I tried the pages with Chrome and I am getting the same result - a ‘broken image’ icon is displayed but hits are still recorded.

(vipsoft) #2

There’s something wrong with the way you copied/pasted the JavaScript tracking code. Only the section has a webbug image. If JS is enabled, the tracking image isn’t even added to the dom.

(lalquier) #3


I forgot to add I am using the MediaWiki plugin for Piwik.

I will keep checking between the manual JS code and the code generated by the plugin to see what is different.

For now, I used CSS to more the whole javascript section to the left of the page, so it is out of the way.