Recreating Funnel reports fails for specific date range


We are running the official Funnels plugin. After changing the funnel configuration, the existing funnel reports are deleted. As documented in the user guide, we recreated all reports for the given siteID. Afterwards, the funnel reports are here again, except for one specific date range, specifically the one we need…

How can this possibly happen? Is there some sort of caching which does not get deleted even if we run the ‘cache:clear’ command on the CLI?

While recreating the reports, we get an out of memory error on the yearly period. The given range is in the last two months (2017-10-23 - 2017-11-01).

Thanks for any help

A few days later, the report appeared correctly again… All fine.

Hi @lrueegg
Thanks for the update. Glad it resolved itself. If you experience this issue again, let us know and we will investigate.