Recommanded private directories

I have just installed matomo on my Synology NAS. Matomo 4.12.3, MySql 10.3.29-MariaDB, PHP version 7.4.9.
All is almost right except a critical error on recommanded private directories :

So I follow the link and try the “./console” command but nothing happened.

Then I looked for the Apache configuration file, whose name on Synology NAS is not “httpd.conf” as I saw everywhere on the Internet but “apache22-compatible.conf” (ouch! headache) ! This file contains “AllowOverride All” :
Apache-contenu conf
And if I look at “/var/services/web”, I find the directory matomo which should be affected by the “AllowOverride All” command :
I saw this topic but I don’t understand how to do the same. In my Apache configuration file I tried to change “/var/services/web” by “/volume1/web/matomo” but nothing changes and the critical error is there again.
I’m here… I don’t know what to do now.
If somebody here could help me, I will be very very happy !
Thanks for your help.