Realtime vs. cron - what's easier on memory?

Hi gang!

Hey, I’m curious if we should be running a Cron job (is it just me, or does that sound dirty?) on a server that caps the memory to 64MB

The site I’m doing this on gets about 200 visitors a day at the time of the writing, although I’m about to open up the floodgates in a few weeks. I’m just wondering which would take less memory, having the realtime reporting turned on, or getting a server to run a Cron job every so often?

My logic suggests that realtime is hard on the server all the time. But at the same time Cron job can cause a spike that might blow RAM out of the water and cause an error since I’m sitting at a meager 64MB

What’s your take?

The action performed is pretty similar, so the memory usage won’t vary. I suggest you use the cronjob and set it up to run every hour. Your stats will have a delay of one hour then. If you get a lot more visits you might need to extend that memory limit to 128MB or even further.

Awesome Fabian, thank you for that info.

Do you know of any stats - how much memory per 10,000 visitors for example?

I’m building an authority site and I’ll have to move it to a dedicated server, and I just want to be able to plan ahead