Realtime visitors works but no other tracking data

I’ve setup piwik and it shows realtime visitors, but when I check the other reports, like Visitors log, Overview, or Times, it says there is no data available.
I’ve set it up today and there are currently only 4 visitors registered. Should I wait until the next day or is something not right?
I presume I have the latest version since I only downloaded it yesterday.
Geoplugin from Maxmind is installed and I had no warnings upon install.
Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks :slight_smile:

Could you share more details? Did you check today’s date? After visiting your page, can you see your own visits in the visitor log? How is your archiving configured?

Yes, I saw my own visits and also 2 external visitors, but no other info was availalbe.
However, today, all features show up. Sorry I bothered you, I should have had more patience.
Great software!