Really: How to track a click on an element?

Hi together,

I have these simple HTML construct:

<div class="abc" style="padding: 10px">
   <div class="imgcontainer">
       <img src="" />

I want to track a click on So I created a trigger “All Elements Click” and set the trigger to “Click classes” - “ends with”/“equals”/“contains” (nothing works) - “abc”.

Now the thing I do not understand: The trigger fires only if the click happens in the padding-area of In other words: Clicks onto elements inside the mentioned element block the fireing of the trigger.

No, I don’t want or can’t specify the elements, because they have different content. But the content is blocking the triggering.

Is that magic, or a feature or a bug?

Thank You for helping,
regards Matthias

Hi @MazUp
I think this is related to this feature request: