Real time visitors widget: US State / User load time / Server load time

(Vito Botta) #1


First of all I’d like to say a HUGE THANKS for this gorgeous app! I learnt about it from the Linode forums and am loving it!
I am planning to remove both Google Analytics and ChartBeat as Piwik basically does in one app all I need from the other two (and ChartBeat costs me $5 per month just to see visitors in realtime).

I would like to suggest a few things which I like in ChartBeat and could -I think- be easily implemented in Piwik.

  1. US State: it would be great to see which part of the US visitors are from, as this can be very useful sometimes.

See the 32 seconds taken to load all scripts etc for that user in New Jersey? This helped figure out a problem with the CDN distribution.

  1. User Load Time

Same picture as above: it can be very, very useful to know how long it takes for all the static content to load on a page

  1. AVG user and sever load times
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(Thomas Seifert) #2
  1. can be done with the geoip plugin.

(vipsoft) #3

Is there a spec for those timings? Server load isn’t usually expressed in ms.

Would this be an avg per site or per url/page?

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@ Thomas,

I actually forgot to update this discussion too; I’ve made a few changes, after installing the GeoIP plugin, so that the Realtime Visitors widget now also shows the more accurate info from MaxMind’s database; I’ve also added the City (301 Moved Permanently)


what Charbeat shows is the average server loading time for pages, that is how long -average- it takes to generate a page on the server (I think what it measures here is simply the time taken to fetch the complete HTML page).

Then it also shows the average user loading time, that is the time taken for the page to be fully loaded in a user’s browser, including all the static content such as stylesheets, javascripts, and images.

These info can be imho pretty useful to help optimise a website and see how performance varies from region to region :slight_smile: