Real-time visitors and visitor log empty

After upgrading 1.11 to 1.12 I don’t see any visitors in visitor log or real-time widget. But it still records visitors, as other stats are changing. See attached file.
System check tab shows everything to be OK and green.

Can you try delete browser cache, try with a different browser ?

I already tried IE, firefox and chrome and deleting /tmp/*. Attached you find IE view.

I didn’t have any errors while updating and if I can trust system check, then my files are also OK.
Should I still reinstall it, or can it be related to old plugins like clickheat or LDAP-login 1.0?

It is strange problem, beacause other metrics work.


If altering InnoDB table, buffer needs same amount of free space as the size of the table being altered. Update didn’t correctly alter DB, it did receive table full warning but it completed anyway. Strange, that I didn’t see any error while updating in the web interface.

I had 200MB free, so I gave it +2GB, because “piwik_log_link_visit_action” is 1.8GB. After I manually altered the table to have this custom_float field added in 1.12, it was fine and worked correctly.