Real time visit ok but no reports

I set up Matomo at the beginning of my website creation. At the beginning, everithing was fine : real time visit, report, archive, etc…
10 month after and with a google traffic on +50 visit per days, I wanted to start to analyse my traffic but I had the very bad surprise to see that :

  • Real time visit function well
  • Nothing is achived and no reports are available !

Matomo display me the following message : L’archivage de votre rapport ne s’est pas exécuté correctement, apprenez-en plus sur comment générer vos rapports.

When I read the article I don’t understand the issue :

  • My Website is on wordpress so everything should be fine accordin to the link
  • I double check that WP CRON with my Web host and they confirm me everything should work fine with Matomo .

Beut I still have no report : COuld You please indicate me what I can do ?

Hi @Romain56
Can you check somewhere if you can access the CRON execution log file?
Probably the error comes from memory limit reached:

Hello Philippe,
Thank You for Your feedback. I have 512 Mb as memory limit for the php.
According to the Matomo system report, memory limit if ok . It shows that last successfull report was done on the 6/02/2024. When I launch the troobleshooting, the error is :

'Got invalid response from API request: ?module=API&method=CoreAdminHome.archiveReports&idSite=1&period=day&date=2024-03-27&format=json&trigger=archivephp.
Response was \'<!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="fr-FR"> <head> 

Memoly limit ok in system report :
Contrôles facultatifs
Binaire PHP 64 bits ok
État du traqueur ok
Limite mémoire ok
Fuseau horaire ok
Ouvrir l’URL ok
GD > 2.x + FreeType (graphics) ok
Autres extensions ok
Autres fonctions ok
Système de fichiers ok
Dernière exécution d’archivage réussie error L’archivage s’est exécuté avec succès le Mardi 6 février 2024 05:17:11 soit il y a 50 jours 02:58:59

To double check if this is a memory problem, I would like to delate old reports. I found the button “delate all reports in the matomo wordpress administration” but I did not found how to delate for exemple everything older than 3 month on something like that. is it possible ?

Hi @Romain56
It seems the log you displayed is the one from the archiving main process. If I am not wrong it then calls the PHP server. Can you check on it if you don’t have other (error) logs?