Real Time Top URLs

Hello there!

I’m new to matomo, currently comparing it with GA side by side on and considering switching to Matomo for good.

The feature from GA I miss most on Matomo is the top URLs on Real Time. I find this to be a useful feature because it lets us see the real trime trends on our traffic. It can let us identify, for example, if a URL was picked by Google Discover.

It seems like there was a plugin for Matomo/Piwik 3, but it doesn’t seem to be compatible with Matomo 4.10.1 which is the version I currently have installed.

I would certainly be happy to pay for this feature if it was a premium plugin for example.


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I can’t wait for this feature as well Mikel! The GA real time dashboard is the only thing that is keeping me using that tool. Real time top urls would be huge for me and I’d pay as well 100%.

Hi @41Global, @Mikel_Aguirre_Vera
I think this kind of feature request has already been suggested in Matomo GitHub:

If you can pay for such feature development, you may sponsor Matomo… @innocraft How much could this cost?

Looking forward to seeing this developed for sure and i’d pay with no problem. This feature will totally allow me to remove Google Analytics from all my sites 100% and only use Matomo moving forward.