Real Time Stats

I have been using piwik for quite some time know and have a question maybe someone can help with.

I use piwik for regular html pages and wordpress pages and the traker works great however I also use piwik for e-commerce solution and want to track pages visits and other things within the e-commerce software I placed the code in the footer of the shop and it seems to not track any of the pages or anything else being done on my site of visitors going to or comming from any of those pages additionally the real time stats are very slow and some times it takes 24 hours to see the results of pages beeing viewed and thats not real time.

I did a test and went to a bunch of pages and do not have my IP blocked and nothing showed up! I have done this more then once to see if it was a glitch. lastly ever since i upgraded piwik it seems there has been more and more issues with the system like this.

Please help as i need to view those stats in real time or as close as i can get. Any suggestions would be great too
Thank you

When pasting the tracking code into a 3rd party app, you have to check if the app’s templating system has any special characters. The most common problem involves curly braces (e.g., Smarty) and adding directives (e.g., {literal} … {/literal}).

Yes, well the hole e-commerce solution i am using that i am having trouble with is created out of smarty code! Yesterday I replaced the javascript code with the image code to see if that had any effect and it didn’t! The javascript code does SOMEtimes record hours later but the main reason i use piwik is becasue i need close to oreal time stats atleast 3o hour or hour lapse. What can i do to make it work better with smarty code? There is a free plugin for my e-commerce solution but it does not work as i have had it installed for months without any results.
Thaks for your reply and any suggestions or ideas you may have i’ll be willing to try

I am using Smarty template at my website.
I am having difficulty getting stats. I may have goofed up in the installation process.
Will this work with Samarty template? If so, can someone help me where to put the code?
I tried adding to the footer.

Smarty works fine with Piwik as long as you put the JS tracking code between {literal} CODE HERE {/literal}

I appreciate your help Matt, I restarted the installation process all over again, just in case…

Yes well sometimes the “literral” tag will work and sometimes it will not and cause more problems if placed in the wrong position. I tried {literal} tags and it didn’t work! then i tried the regular code and that seemed to track when it felt like and not in real time it lagged atleast 6hours behind. So, the last thing i tried is the image code! BINGO! that works great doesn’t mess with anything seems alot faster and takes between 1-3 hours to get the newest info and most importantly it tracked all traffic to all my pages whereas before it didn’t.

  1. If piwik worked in a faster way it would rock! Is there a way to speed things up to get faster results as they come in?
  2. thanks for the responces!

Gofer- best place to place the tracking code just before the tag in your footer

Piwik always works fast, but at the moment there is a bug with real time view and timezone, see the proposed patch in: Live does not always show recent visitors based on timezone · Issue #2145 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub