Real-Time Map not working well

I love the new real-time maps. I’ve tried both embedding on a webpage, and providing a link. In both cases there’s strange behavior.

  1. after about 10 seconds I get the message “there is no data for this report” at the top left corner. Is this something I can fix?

  2. hovering over bubbles on the right-hand side shows the tooltips as expected. hovering on the left-hand side, after about 15 seconds, results in no more tooltips.

You can see both the embedded version, and link to external page, here:

I don’t know if this is a bug (since it’s a new feature), or if there’s something I can do on my end to correct this behavior.

Okay, I think I found the source of the tooltips problem. If the webpage is not a certain width, then portions of the map won’t show tooltips. The smaller the browser page width, the more of the map won’t work with bubble tooltips. It seems the picture of the map is responsive, but that the tooltips are not fully responsive (or get “zapped”) when at sizes smaller than about 1100 pixels in width.

could you please post a screenshot showing the problem exactly? Thanks!

I’ve attached 3 photos. In the first my mouse cursor is hovered over one of the bubbles in the U.S. around California.

In the second image (smaller browser area), my mouse cursor is hovered over exact same area: but now there is no pop-up info.

In the third image (smallest browser area), my mouse is hovered over a buble on the East Coast (around New York) and there is no pop-up info there as well (but pop up info shows for Europe, Asia, etc. further east on the map).

You can see the issue for yourself by changing browser width here:

or here’s a better tinyURL:

Can you try upgrade to latest beta: Index of /
I think this issue is fixed, but not sure. In 2-3 weeks if still there, please post here and we’ll look into/create a bug report

Okay. Upgraded to latest beta. Still not fixed, but will wait 2-3 weeks.

Also check you have setup geo locate Geo Locate your visitors - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Yes, I have Geo Locate all set up. That works fine.

As described originally, all the visitor location information works fine in various reports.
And the rea-time map works well as long as you aren’t hovering circles (from visitors) at the left hand edge.
For example I had a visitor from Hawaii: their info will never pop-up (no matter size of map).

The problem isn’t location information per se: it’s what gets displayed in the map. It’s very apparent
that the map is “expecting” to be a certain width in order to work fully. So if the browser size is 640 px
in width, lots of visited spots will “show” but won’t “display” visitor info (almost all the way to the east coast of the U.S.)
The wider the browser window size, the more of the spots that will both show and display visitor info when hovered.

So the problem only appears if browser size is 640px? can you reproduce it on the ?

Yes, I can reproduce this on the demo.

No, it doesn’t only happen at 640px. This is easy to check on your own computer monitor. I don’t know how wide your monitor is, but I’m checking this on a MacBook Air 11". If I have the page stretched to full width then all data points will “pop up” the extra info when I hover over them (with one exception). However, the smaller the width (I used 640 px only as an example) the fewer of the data points that will pop-over.

There is a very clear patter where the data-points to not pop-over start at the far left of the map (West Coast of the U.S.). If I make the browser size very small (e.g. 640 px) then nothing will pop-up even from the East Coast of the U.S. (e.g. New York or Boston).

The one exception to this pattern is if someone is in a spot like Hawaii: not matter how wide the data point never pops-up with detailed info.

Do you see this same pattern? If not, it may be OS specific. I’ve tested, and get the same results, using Safari, Chrome and Firefox on the Mac.