Reading data using API (Live.getLastVisitsDetails)

Dear Matomo,

I am currently implementing feature to read tracked data via the API. Currently the Live.getLastVisitsDetails method seems seems to be as closest to the result I want but I am still struggling to find some stuff in the documentation.

As of now we are tracking data using the matomo-php-tracker and I would like to read them in same way (atomically) meaning not grouped by user but rather all tracked items ordered by latest date. I thing that in your terminology its called actionDetails.

In other words, I would like to get all instances of actionDetails (paginated) sorted by last tracked date together with custom dimensions.

Hope that I am making sense, as I am pretty new to Matomo, if not I can elaborate more.

Thank you very much.

Best Regards

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You probably need a custom plugin implementing a custom API based on what you need.

Thanks for your help, me and my colleague were actually thinking that this will be the case. I’ll go ahead and implement a plugin.

You can easily enable CLI developer mode, then start with a generated example. You can easily find documentation about it. Enjoy