Reactivating a Matomo installation that has not been updated since 2022

I would like to reactivate a self-hosted Matomo installation (at all-inkl via FTP), which I deactivated in the website in 2022 and have not looked at or updated since then. When calling up the domain for the admin interface, the message “PHP version not supported” now appears.
I don’t know which php version would be required (I could set up versions 5.6 to 8.3, have tried several without success. Currently it is 8.2. I’m afraid that the problem is actually somewhere else and this message may be misleading) and unfortunately I don’t know how to find out the Matomo version either, as I can’t call up the admin interface. I can only see in the database that the last archive was from 3/2022.
I could reinstall Matomo now, but then the data from the last few years would be lost, which I would definitely want to avoid!
I would be very grateful for any tips on how to proceed!
Thank you very much in advance!

Hi @piz
Before updating PHP versoin, I suggest you update your Matomo to version 4.16…
Then you’ll be able to update the PHP version.

Thank you very much for your reply, Philippe!
How can I update Matomo with no access to the admin interface, but instead get the error message “The requested PHP version is not supported on this server.”?


You have to rollback your PHP version to 7.x (eg.> 7.2).
Then update Matomo.
Then upgrade to PHP 8.

For PHP versoin requirements, see:

Hello Philippe, thank you for your efforts!
The error message occurred with PHP version 7.2 without me having changed anything since 2022, when the admin interface was still working. Only then did I try other PHP versions as a test. Now I have reverted back to 7.2. Hence my question as to whether this message may be misleading and something else may actually be behind it?
As I said, it would also be interesting to know how I can recognize which Matomo version it is without the admin interface. Is it possible to find out via FTP access?
Matomo ran flawlessly from 2018 to 2022. I also updated it regularly during this time. Then, because it was no longer wanted for the website for a while, I didn’t update it for two years. Now the PHP error message appears.

Yay, problem solved!
When I asked my provider, he said that in the .htaccess file there’s a line with “AddHandler php70-cgi .php”. This php version no longer exists. I simply had to delete this line, then the setting of the admin interface of the domain would take effect.
I delete the line and a Matomo page appears with the message “The database must be updated” and a button to update it. Now it’s working fine again!
Nevertheless, many thanks for your suggested solutions!

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