Rate of visitors with javascript disabled

Piwik counts all visitors (as long as their browser request the image) no matter javascript is enabled or not. As we now, javascript delivers a lot of additional information. So far so good. However, it is interesting to know how many visitors have their javascript disabled.

To get to the point, currently i don’t see a figure in the widgets showing this value. With some sights in the database structure and the code i come to the conclusion that Piwik does not store if JS is enabled (correct me if i am wrong). Nevertheless, i suppose that it is possible to get the number using the resolution, because this is something only JS can detect and cannot be hidden by the user. It is passed to piwik.php in the ‘res’ parameter (if JS is enabled). The default value is ‘Unknown’. Looking into the database, there are some entries with resolution “unknown” as well as “0x0”. I assume that if the resolution cannot be determined though JS is acitve the value 0x0 is stored and without JS we get “Unknown”. Am I right so far?

If so, the relation of the entries with resolution “Unknown” to all others is the rate “Javascript disabled”. Being more precise not the total amount counts but the different cookie ids. Right?

I believe it has been pointed out that an image-only request (the case of noscript) is not currently tracked.

Thus, those unusual resolutions would be cases where the browser does not report the resolution “correctly”.

What is the sense of the noscript-tag then?

I remember some/few Visitors (same idcookie) that have entries with resolutions, plugins and such data, but they also have datarows where there are no information (that is Unknown, 0 and likes) stored. Why is this so? Update for the Browser same version that enables/scuttles the browser/js-request?

The noscript code is reserved for future use. We might pull it out until this is implemented. http://dev.piwik.org/trac/ticket/653

EDIT: for the same idcookie, I don’t have an explanation for the absence of data between visits. Check your web server access logs. If you can find examples where the URL is malformed and/or truncated, please post (or report in a ticket).

Mh, okay.

I have no access to our logfile and i doubt our admin has time to look for malformed urls. I’ll see if i can track it down some way or make an installation somewhere else.

I took another look at the database: We have about 2.3% out of ca 45k Visitors where the resolution is stored as unknown. But every row with unknown resolution has also zeros in any other config column. However, all platforms and browser in several different versions are affected. Isn’t this creepy?