Queuedtracking stopped working after update to 2.14.x

I thought I would wait a bit to see if any hotfix appears, but it looks like none is forthcoming.

/usr/bin/php-cli  ./console queuedtracking:process

  The root container has not been created yet.


This is under 2.14.1 (first happened post 2.14.0), It was working fine before then.

The queuedtracking plugin was also updated between 2.14.0 and 2.14.1’s releases and it did not fix this.

So I’m under the assumption that:

  1. Piwik changed something in the API in 2.14.0
  2. The queuedtracking plugin was not initially updated, generating this error
  3. The queuedtracking plugin was updated, but doesn’t resolve this error
  4. Piwik updates to 2.14.1, and does not resolve this error.

Which suggests something in the “update” process is not complete, but I’m at a loss as to what that might be.

As a tangent, the reason this plugin was even added was that after adding as few as 10 sites, Piwik was consuming more than 90% of the CPU time. The queuedtracking plugin brought this back down to about 25%.

Hi there,

I think this bug has already been reported in the tracker at: Piwik 2.14.0 queuedtracking:process error · Issue #15 · matomo-org/plugin-QueuedTracking · GitHub