Queued Tracking

How does the queued tracking work when you process the queue via a cron.

I’ve a small site but going to use the queued tracking as it speeds up the tag but I’m unsure of whether to set the number of queued requests to process.

If it’s set to 25 does this mean it will wait till there are 25 requests before it processes the queue or it will take upto 25 at a time to process.

Let’s say I’ve only had 10 page viewes in a day would it mess up my daily reports.

Hi @Big_Stamp

Each time the CRON is executed (then it should be around each minute), il will process all what processable by batch of 25. If a batch is not full, it is not processed. For example if you have 3 requests in the queue, nothing will be processed. If you have 105 requests in the queue, 4 batches will be processed (and 3 requests left in the queue).

For small traffic, I suggest you don’t queue the requests, or with very low queue size.
Please note also that yet, queue can hide invalid requests… (eg, wrong siteid, etc.)

Perfect. That explains what I was after thanks.