Queued Tracking Not Working?

(T.) #1

I have just installed Queued Tracking on the latest of Matomo, and wanted to use my Redis instance to cache the tracking requests. But nothing appears in the Redis database. Also, there are no errors logged. Other applications are happily using the same Redis instance to cache their stuff. How can I debug this further?
My target machine runs Debian/Stretch amd64, and php-redis is installed.

(Lukas Winkler) #2


Can you check if the QueuedTracking Settings (in the General Settings menu) are configured correctly? I am not 100% sure if the queued tracking is enabled there by default.

(T.) #3

Hi Lukas,

yes, I have the plugin enabled, and am using all the default values for both the plugin and Redis itself, except for the database, where I am using “2” instead of “0”. I would prefer to use “0”, but the plugin does not support that.

(Lukas Winkler) #4

So you have checked Queue enabled?

You could also try runninng

sudo -u www-data php7.3 /var/www/matomo/console queuedtracking:monitor

(or however you call php scripts)

(T.) #5

Actually, yes, and I tried that console command already, resulting in no output whatsoever. So I assume that somehow, the system does not attempt to use Redis, regardless of the settings. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to debug this.

(T.) #6

Please disregard. I had some other problem with my site. I can now see the number of requests in the queue.

(T.) #7

I was a bit too rash. Now I am stuck at 7 requests in the queue, and nothing moves, however much I click on the site. :frowning:

(Lukas Winkler) #8

I’d recommend you to check the network tab of the browsers developer tools when you visit your website and check if requests to piwik.php or matomo.php are made.

(T.) #9

They are - for a while, I thought everything was fine because it was going up to 25 requests, then rolled over. I can see the requests also in the web server’s log file. But suddenly, the queue does no longer fill, regardless. The other problem is that no visits seem to be logged, also not in the real-time section. That was never the case for my installation. The difference is that I flipped the controls in the Settings menu a few times.

(T.) #10

Found part of the problem: Switching the tracking code in the site from ‘piwik’ to ‘matomo’ broke it. Switching it back to ‘piwik’ re-enabled the tracking, at least enough so that I can see the requests going to Redis again. However… no good results while the counter in the monitoring increases:

$ ./console queuedtracking:process
Starting to process request sets, this can take a while

This worker finished queue processing with 0req/s (0 requests in 0.00 seconds)

Switching the plugin on or off has no effect on realtime users - somehow, no users get logged. I forgot to say that the monitoring showed 18 entries in the queue when I ran the processing, so my expectation was to see 18 requests being processed, not zero.