Questions about the criteria that determine new visitors


If the value of the pk_campaign parameter is different, we want the new visit to be counted.

The piwik guide says that the basic settings are so.
(Create_new_visit_when_campaign_changes = 1)

But the test results were different.

The default session time is 30 minutes and will only be applied after the end of the session, right?

I eventually changed the piwik.js source code myself

Looking at the code, we do not store the values ​​of the pk_campaign and pk_key parameters in the cookie when there is a session cookie (ses)

Regardless of the session cookie, we changed the cookie back to save if the value of the pk_campaign parameter differs from the value stored in the cookie

" if (!cookieSessionValue){ " ==>" if (!cookieSessionValue || {The corresponding conditional statement}){ "

After modifying, it was tested again,
Regardless of the default session time of 30 minutes Create a new visit every time a user visits website with a new campaign.

(Create_new_visit_when_campaign_changes = 1) Is the purpose of this setting the same?
Or is there a way to get the same result without doing it like me?