Questions about Goals, Download actions with log file analytics



My apologies for what I imagine is a basic question but persistent googling hasn’t turned up an answer.

I’m tracking downloads for a website that primarily provides text and PDF file downloads. We would like to be able to view reports that just track these files and do goal tracking when one of these files is downloaded.

Since the text files and PDFs do not support javascript, our only option is to do log file analysis.

We are able to see the text and PDF file downloads in the Actions -> Downloads report, so that is working well.

However, attempting to set up a Goal report for either of those using the “Download a file” option on the Add a new Goal panel does not yield any data visible in the goal report.

Are goals only tracked when log files are imported? Or am I simply misconfiguring the Goal? (I’ve used all three options - exact match, contains and the regex - with the same zero result on the report.)

Thanks to anyone who has any information or insight on the matter.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Goals are only tracked when data is imported. Goals are not retroactive. You can however simply delete all log data, and reimport the logs and then they will show up.