Question regarding minimum requirements

I am using matomo in a shared webhosting and i had months with 350.000 visits (i think this is called a “big site” in matomo documentation).

But i get warnings regarding “LOAD DATA INFILE” (not available on my webserver) and to increase “max_allowed_packet” to 64 MB (which is at the moment limited to 16 MB).

I wonder if this is necessary to change in the future because it does not seem do be a big problem until now… And as all my other projects dont have these requirements i ask myself if it is worth to change the webhoster.


As long as you don’t have any issues, you should be fine ignoring those two warnings. LOAD DATA INFILE would speed archiving up, but if it isn’t taking too long for you it is fine.

If you start getting random Mysql Server has gone away errors from your database, you should look into increasing the allowed packet size.

i got those “mysql server has gone away” warnings when i updated to 4.0.x.
But i wonder if this might happen without remark…