Question on All Websites

I’ve installed Piwik on a dedicated server, have it setup on 220 sites. But when I click on All Websites, all I see are 0’s, until I click on one of the sites I know I had traffic on, once I do that, then go back to All Websites then the visits and pageviews are there.

Is that normal, do I have to go click on every site before it will show up in All websites? Or did I do something wrong?

I setup the cron job, had Servint Tech Support look at the cron job and they made a modification, said that it wasn’t set quite right.

But I’m not sure what else to do or if this is normal behavor.



Does Piwik have any support, or just the forum?

Can someone please help me figure out the issue with All Websites only showing info per site, once I go to that sites stats individually. Right now I show in All Websites, I see 250 visits, but only 10 sites are showing traffic there, totaling about 20 visits, the rest are all 0.



How often do you run cron job, once a day/hour/etc? What’s in the cron log? Do you have also enabled browser triggered archiving?

My guess is that archiving happens only once a day and you trigger “intermediate” archives via browser, thus you can see some data for sites accessed via browser.

Thanks for your reply,

The cron is setup to run every hour, I think. and yes I set it to pull when viewed from browser. So if I wait a few days and see what it looks like, I should start seing data in there if the cron is working right. At that point I can work to determine if the cron is running hourly or daily.


i have the same problem,how to fix it?

I think my cron may not be setup right, it may not be running hourly. I’ll have to contact support to find out.


I check with Servint Tech Support, my chron is running hourly. I have the Allow Piwik archiving to trigger when reports are viewed from the browser set to NO, I have the seconds set to 3600.

Its been that way for 3 days now. I’m getting about 1000 visits per day over 300 sites, but when I looke at my All Websites right now, it shows all Zeros.

Any help out there?


I have a similiar problem. I can however see some sites processed and also if I switch to a specific period by dates (last days) instead of Weekly I also get the data for the rest of the websites.

Can you try selecting the dates in “Date Range” instead of “Weekly” or maybe “Daily” in the left corner when viewing “All websites”. Just want to confirm if there’s a bug or something wrong with my setup.

Mine showes Zero’s, on daily, weekly, monthly, etc. I’ve been able to determine that my cron job is running hourly, but for some reason the only way to get data to populate in the All Websites for me is to go to each site manually and then go to All Websites.

I’m not sure I like the idea of Zero support for a software, even it was a paid support version. So I may have to look at other options.


Paid support is available:

here is free support, sometimes with a few days delay…

To check if the archiving script is setup correctly, see: How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo
You can record the script output to a file eg. /home/user/piwik.log
thenyou can see the logfile and see if ran correctly and what happened exactly (which sites had visits etc.)