Question about upgrade and trusted_hosts


Hello everybody,

Before asking our question, we try to describe our environment. We plan to upgrade our Piwik version (2.16.1) to lastest Matomo version (actually 3.6.0). The production server is a virtual machine so we have done a clone of this to try the upgrade procedure.
On this clone we apply “The Manual Three-Step Update” found in website page Update Piwik - Analytics Platform - Matomo. We have executed step 1 and step 2 without difficulty and before step 3 we have add a new line in trusted_hosts section of our configuration file to access to the web interface. After that we have launched the upgrade (by clicking on the button) and no error occurs during the process.
Our final step is to check the environment and everything seems ok on the clone. However it’s not the case for our production environment : during the procedure this server has crashed. We restart the server and everything is Ok.
But by analysing the logs we can’t determine if it’s pure coincidence or if the problem comes from the upgrade procedure (because the two virtual machines are in a same network and the trusted_hosts on the clone keep ip address and dns names of production server).

So our question is : Does the upgrade procedeure use the trusted_hosts list to perform some actions ?

Thanks for your help.

P.S: sorry if we miss this information on piwik website or forums. :flushed: