Question about Site Search tracking

Hello! I have set up Matomo (Standalone) for a new site I’m building. The tracking/reporting is working fine, so no general issues. For internal site searches, though, I have been struggling on getting quality site search-reporting, which is where I hopefully can get some help :slight_smile:

On my site, the search tool/filter I use allows for multiple combined query parameters during a search. For example:,eee&publish_year_range=1995-2005

When I add all the query parameter types (i.e. topic, article_size, …) to the Query Parameter or the Category Parameter list in the settings, it seems I only get reporting on the first query parameter found on the search URL. I.e. In the above example, I would get keyword or category reporting for ‘aaa’ but no reporting on the other parts of the search.

I could setup a JS call to push the ‘trackSiteSearch’ object, but that appears to only accept one keyword at a time also (example from Matomo site below).

So, my questions are:

  • Is there a way to record/track a search that includes multiple search parameters?
  • Is there any special meaning to Matomo’s ‘Search Category’ other than an additional hierarchy?
  • I assume if I push ‘trackSiteSearch’ multiple times for one search, there’s no way to indicate all the objects are related to a single search?

// Search keyword searched for
// Search category selected in your search engine. If you do not need this, set to false
“Organic Food”,
// Number of results on the Search results page. Zero indicates a ‘No Result Search Keyword’. Set to false if you don’t know

Thank You!


Maybe you can try to add some custom behaviour dimensions to store topic, size, publish year range

Or else custom variables, as audience can contain several values…

On the developer side: