Question about Page Links

(Sarajin) #1


I have a question about the ‘Pages’ table (gotten to by Actions -> Pages) in Piwik. It shows
the Page Name, pageviews and unique pageviews there. My question is about the Page Name.
When using this table with URLs with very long names, the get cut off in this view, but I believe
when you hover over it, it will show the url in full in tooltip fashion.

Is there a way to make this Page Name a clickable link that would link to the actual page?
I’ve briefly checked through the code and templates for a quick solution but I didn’t notice it right

Thanks for any assistance on this!

(Sarajin) #2

If nobody has an exact solution, is there a best template/file to edit to add this feature?

(vipsoft) #3

Not at the moment. Piwik splits URLs on the directory slashes to organize links. There’s a ticket in Trac to optionally flatten URLs.