Question about content tracking - track list items as content pieces?


I try to implement kind of product list tracking with content tracking (see also: Track product list performance).

First I tried to define a nested structure for content tracking like:

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3

But it seems that this nested structure is not working so I have to define every list item as tracking-element:

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3

Is it right to define it this way?

When I output the log of the content-tracking with _paq.push([‘logAllContentBlocksOnPage’]) I get the following output:

(10) [{…}, {…}, {…}, {…}, {…}, {…}, {…}, {…}, {…}, {…}]
0: {name: “job-box-list”, piece: “job-list-item-f24da1da-a351-482d-9c87-d73fe3e0dd85”, target: “/stellenangebote/f24da1da-a351-482d-9c87-d73fe3e0dd85”}
1: {name: “job-box-list”, piece: “job-list-item-04460fed-31e1-42a3-b3ee-58ca4f93c48f”, target: “/stellenangebote/04460fed-31e1-42a3-b3ee-58ca4f93c48f”}
2: {name: “job-box-list”, piece: “job-list-item-616cc50e-b97a-4c03-87ad-0acfc371a018”, target: “/stellenangebote/616cc50e-b97a-4c03-87ad-0acfc371a018”}
3: {name: “job-box-list”, piece: “job-list-item-aeabff6f-3710-475d-92cc-708477cf2711”, target: “/stellenangebote/aeabff6f-3710-475d-92cc-708477cf2711”}
4: {name: “job-box-list”, piece: “job-list-item-37768f18-04ac-4dd4-a6dd-7720a5d1e613”, target: “/stellenangebote/37768f18-04ac-4dd4-a6dd-7720a5d1e613”}
5: {name: “job-box-top-offers”, piece: “job-list-item-37768f18-04ac-4dd4-a6dd-7720a5d1e613”, target: “/stellenangebote/37768f18-04ac-4dd4-a6dd-7720a5d1e613”}
6: {name: “pb-section-homepage-search-buttons”, piece: “button-iPark-Media GmbH”, target: “”}
7: {name: “pb-section-homepage-search-buttons”, piece: “button-Promotion”, target: “http://localhost:3000/stellenangebote/suche?what=Promotion”}
8: {name: “pb-section-homepage-search-buttons”, piece: “button-Merchandising”, target: “http://localhost:3000/stellenangebote/suche-nach/Promotion”}
9: {name: “pb-section-homepage-hero”, piece: “Section”, target: “”}
length: 10
proto: Array(0)

But when I look in matomo most of the content blocks and pieces are missing. Where is my mistage? Is there any reason for this?

Thanks for some help!

Best regards,