Querying SQL for Action (Event) Data

Using the free version of Piwik…

I’ve been creating action pixels and storing sub-information such as web traffic tracking IDs from third-party traffic sources we pay for. When you store an action name with a slash in it, it stores the sub-information after the slash, and can even do this several layers deep for you:


This can then be viewed in Piwik under Actions > Landing Pages.

However, we found out that Piwik will only store 500 of these until you see an “Others” link. When you click it, it takes you to here:


So, my question is – even though the web interface won’t let us access that data – can I run a SQL query to get that data?

UPDATE: I just found that the tracker_log_action table is queryable. I put in one of the TIDs (traffic IDs) that I had and then found some data. Now I’m trying to figure out how to map idaction column to some other table for knowing date ranges. Then, I need to export by IP that I was storing and remove duplicates.