Query on visits and keywords


Hello, have recently installed Piwik and so far excellent :slight_smile:

My question is about understanding when vists and keywords show up on the dashboard compared to the Real time view widget. If I select the date range as “Day” and select yesterday I see:

KeywordOne 1

if I select “Day” and today I see:

KeywordTwo 2
KeywordThree 3

If I then change the range and select “Week” which I thought would include yesterday and today I see:

KeywordOne 1
KeywordTwo 2

but not KeywordThree ? I see it on the Realtime view for today so when would that be rolled into the weekly view ? When I use GA I would always select the whole week so I would see everything upto the current point in time.

Look forward to your response.

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I also want to ask as above

Thank you