Query Matamo API Referrers.getCampaigns together with utm_source?

Hello, I am currently in the process of building my own dashboard based on the Matomo API. To do this, I would like to prefix the campaign values ​​that I query using Referrers.getCampaigns (sry I can’t post the direct link to the docs here - missing rights) with the utm_source parameter.

I have the MarketingCampaignsReporting plugin active. Does anyone know how to achieve this?

Now I found what I was looking for :slight_smile:

MarketingCampaignsReporting.getSourceMedium (idSite, period, date, segment = '', expanded = '', flat = '')
MarketingCampaignsReporting.getNameFromSourceMediumId (idSite, period, date, idSubtable, segment = '')
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