Purge logs - will I lose data?


quick question, I have the archive-processing cronjob running. Now, form my understanding, when I enable “Purge old visitors logs” it should make no difference for the data shown in the frontend, is that correct?
At least as long as the reports were processed by the cronjob…

Or will I lose data?


It will make no difference unless you delete archive tables or would like to reprocess historical data (i.e. after enabling new plug-in).

If you purge old visitor logs, then you will lose the visitor raw logs, so the Visitors > Overview will show “no data” for those dates that were deleted.

I think you mean “Visitors” > “Visitor Log”? Yeah, that seems reasonable, I guess I won’t need this if it’s a long time ago…

“Visitors” > “Overview” still shows old data, phew :wink: