Provider list: show organization name

At the provider list, is it possibe to show the organization name? For my statistic needs, this is the main thing Google analytics is doing better. I’m not shure what they are displaying, but I guess it is the data field “organization” from an IP Lookup, and if not available, they just show the ISP name. Anybody knows?

Did you skip this in PIWIK for privacy reasons? Or just not yet impemented?

With 1.9.x you can use now “The ISP and Organization databases can be used to determine the ISP and company of an IP address.” How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo does this help?

Would it be possible to make my own organisation database? I use piwik in intranet and it would be nice to define 192.168.. etc for different buildings and so on. I didn’t find the correct format to be used.