Provider Information Corrupted

Hi recently the provider information in various reports has become Corrupted see attached pics for examples. Any ideas on what’s causing this ?

[attachment 1313 providererror.png]
[attachment 1312 provider_error2.png]

Im also not sure what the referance to is ?

many thanks for your help


Rough guess: maybe a browser addon? try different browser?

I don’t think it’s the browser I have tried chrome and FF it appears to be reading the DB correctly as the bad values are also appearing in the segment editor.

[attachment 1315 provider_error3.png]

I just now queried the location_provider field in the DB the values are been correctly read from the db field.

SELECT DISTINCT location_provider
FROM piwik_log_visit
LIMIT 1 , 1000

problem with the Reverse DNS maybe ?

Could this be a firewall problem on my host ?

Do you have any error in the server error log ?