Provider field showing corrupted data

Hi all,

2.16.1 currently, and this has been happening for a while, so it’s nothing new. Viewing the data in phpMyAdmin [see attached screenshot], it shows up just like it does in piwik. Changing to different browsers doesn’t help. I believe the error is related to putting the wrong link to the provider data file in the preferences of piwik, but I removed that a while ago. I just use the free geolite database. Is there else ware in the database I need to clear that wrong link to the provider data file?

EDIT: realizing the image has been shrunk here, and the last column may be hard to read, here is a direct link to the full resolution image:

Issue resolved. Even though I had blanked out the incorrect ISP URL field in the preference screen of Piwik, the URL was still showing up when I would reload the page. I went into phpMyAdmin, and deleted the ISP URL manually, and now the Provider field isn’t corrupt.