Provider always unknown since 1.17

Hi, since 1.17 the provider is always unknow when using AnonymizeIP. It seems that the provider is now checked after anonymizing the ip-address.

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btw: congratulations for this update. I noticed a significant performance boost and the new features are very promising.

Yes we have improved the privacy which means we can’t know the provider after anonymizing the IP address. This “bug” is in fact a feature :wink:

Maybe we should disable the provider report when IP anonymization is enabled…

Hi matt, thanks for the clarification. I would prefer to decide whether to log the provider by activating the provider plugin, regardless of anonymizing the ip address. Here in germany it’s okay to log the provider, because normally this is not an individual date, whereas we have to anonymize the ip address. In other countries, where both (provider and ip address) logs are illegal, the admin could deactivate both plugins.

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Hi Oliver,
please do not double post and refer to the issue in the german forums, where I explained everything. -> Piwik Forum

For somebody, who is interested in the topic and can’t read the german forums:

  • the anonymize-IP plugin is data privacy compliant, when the fully qualified IP will not be used anymore in the application runtime
  • since the provider plugin needs a qualified IP-Address to accurately detect a provider, it is displaying “unknown” for the visitor.
  • if you need provider information, you will have to disable the ip anonymization.

For any discussion on how to tell the user about this circumstances, please use the following ticket: Piwik Dev



we are using piwik 3.0.1,
on that for Location showing all details proper like Country, Continent, Region,
But the Provider is showing Unknow for all visits, IP anonymization is also disabled on privacy, still dont showing provider.
Please let us inform how can we get that provider Info proper, and which steps need to follow for that.