Professional Certificacion Piwik

Hi guys,

I’m Enrique, from Spain.

I’m a blogger and defender free software.

I want participate in this forum and offer my help for the Piwik have its own certification.



Hi Enrique,

That’s great to hear! Welcome to the forums. Looking forward to your contributions :slight_smile:

Hi Matt,

I have a blog where speak about Social Media, Web Analytics, SEO, SEM, Social Networks, etc…

I want create an academy in my blog and make webinars, and courses about piwik. Someone want help me? Someone user is spanish?

Thanks for all,


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Hola Enrique,

That’s a great idea! What is your blog address? Feel free to share the address here when you post about your project. There was a previous discussion about certification here.

Regarding Spanish users, Matt brought your message to my attention and I suggested creating a forum for Spanish users.

If you want to help with moderation of the Spanish forum, let me know, and thank you for asking about Spanish users :slight_smile:



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Hi, i would like to create Turkish forum, is this possible ?
( my blog



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If you want to talk about Matomo Certification, just open a new thread.