Problems with Tag Manager (Wordpress plugin)

Unfortunately I have problems getting Matomo Tag Manager to work in the Wordpress plugin.

What do I want to do? I would like to activate the standard tracking and additionally track a few events.

If I activate the standard tracking, it works - but no events are tracked.

So I have now done the following:

  1. Tag manager: container created and 2 triggers and events created - in the debug view the events are triggered correctly
  2. Publish container
  3. Wordpress/Matomo Analytics/Settings: Tracking Code: Tag Manager and checkbox for container checked

Unfortunately, there are now no results in the dashboard.

In addition, I have now created an additional tag of the page view type: there are still no results in the dashboard.

I am desperate - what am I doing wrong?

I have now followed this article

  • and set up a new Matomo configuration, in which I created the cookie domain right at the beginning, now it seems to work.