Problems with SSL Proxy after update

I am using an SSL Proxy on my site. With Piwik 1.0 (after some tweaking), everything worked as expected. After the latest two updates however, switching to the SSL connection will be show the SSL Proxy server as “visitor”.

Any advice?


What did you tweak earlier?

What do you mean by "switching to the SSL connection will be show the SSL Proxy server as “visitor”. exactly?

what is the “Problems with SSL Proxy” ?

Prior to 1.1, proxy headers were hard-coded into Piwik. These are now configureable.

The update script tries to detect them in use, and update the config file accordingly.

Look at config/global.ini.php for examples, and set the proxy_client_headers/proxy_host_headers in config/config.ini.php, e.g.,

proxy_client_headers[] = HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR

Perfect, the headers seem to do the trick. However, there is still one piece not working that used to work before: when switching to the SSL Proxy, a new visitor entry is created. My guess is that this is probably related to the session cookies, since the SSL Proxy is running on a different domain. Interestingly, this used to work before (at least in 90%) of the cases.

Is there any way to forward the right piwik session when switching connections?

Piwik uses cookies, but not session cookies, for visitors. Just make sure the SSL proxy isn’t messing with Cookie: and Set-Cookie: headers.