Problems with "Pages Titles" dashboard widget

(Gunther Schmidt) #1

I have a problem with the “Page Titles” dashboard widget. If I click on “NEXT >” or on a column header to sort or try to change the number of lines I only get the animated graphic and “Loading data…” but nothing more. – I don’t have these problems with the other widgets.

What’s wrong?

My Piwik installation runs on Apache/2.2.15 with PHP 5.4.17.



(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Do you see a javascript error ? Look with Firebug in Firefox (in the NET panel) and see what the HTTP response when you click on next?

(Gunther Schmidt) #3

No, I don’t see JavaScript errors, and Firebug doesn’t show me any HTTP responses for the mentioned actions.

(Matthieu Aubry) #4

can you PM this forum URL, your piwik url + access details, I can take a look if I see an error (also please send the steps to reproduce)

(Gunther Schmidt) #5

While creating a test user for you I have noticed that the problem does only occur with my old superuser login but not with a new user. – Deleting the contents of the /tmp folder didn’t solve the problem.

(Gunther Schmidt) #6

It looks like the problem is gone – I have remove the “Page titles” widget from the dashboard and added it again, and now it works perfectly.