Problems with java or cookies or both?

Small strange bugs I think I’ve found:

I redid all the translation to Portuguese this afternoon, and it was working… for a while. Now there are some items in the menus that are missing (but they have text entries in the translation file, just they aren’t showing up - not sure why), and if I switch back to English, it works again so I guess there’s something wrong in the translations. I’ll rever that and retranslate it again… oh well.

While doing the translation, I wasn’t able to change anything past the Translations/Plugin/General (using the Translation plugin). If I choose “all translations”, it works. But if I choose say “API” or “actions” or any other specific part to translate, it doesn’t open the translation page for that part. That was a cookie or Java issue?

When trying to switch back to English after seeing that my Portuguese translation was messed up, it wasn’t possible. It wasn’t accepting any change to any language. If I select another language AND delete my cookies, the login screen appears again and in the “selected” language (that wasn’t selected at first…). That was the only way I could change languages. I think this is a cookie problem, or is it Java again that is not letting me select another language?