Problems with Goals and Campaigns

I have 2 issues, currently running Piwik 1.4

  1. My campaigns are not getting tied to my goals. When I go to an individual Goal and click the Campaigns link, no conversions show for specific campaigns. Yet when I go to the visitor log, I see the campaign listed as the referrer URL and the Goal listed in the action. Is there some parameter I need to set to tie goals and campaigns together?

  2. I haven’t been able to get manually set goals to work reliably since version 0.9. I’ve been able to work around this with pattern matching titles, but manual goals have failed intermittenly about half the time in later versions.

Maybe you have some problems with long URLs being truncated on your server?

can you check your error log?

The problem with my campaigns not tying to goals came from me using custom tracking parameters. In previous versions I just edited the config file, in the current version you have to add a javascript snippet as well How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo

The problem with manual goals seems to have been solved by adding a delay to it being called. The calls would always show up in the apache logs but only intermittenly make it into the database and the delay seems to have fixed that suggesting some sort of database lock/collision was the problem.