Problems with getting the right data from our reporting API

Hey everyone,

we are currently facing a problem with the reporting API. We used it already to get the data for users on site per site basis. We are fetching the data from there and compile it into our own adminstration.

Now we need to implement a function that compiles the data of the whole subtree (starting from the current site always). There lies the problem and there’s currently 2 ways to fix this problem for us.

  1. We have tried using the Action.getPageUrls to get the whole tree and then just pick the data we need for the pages we have. This does not really work, since we are only able to compare them by url and most entries we get back don’t really have urls. Also we can’t seem to find a way to only get the data for the current tree. If there is a better solution, this might fix our problem.

  2. We first tried to get the data in multiple requests for each page. This is not a good idea though, since we have a lot of pages, so this is not our solution. The other thing that we tried is to get the data in a bulk-request over POST. The thing is that with none of our POST-Requests we could authenticate. The token_auth parameter does not seem to work properly with it. And our requests are too long as to just pass it into the url. This might be a bug, but if someone could point to a right way to do it, this would help a lot. the way it is done on the documentation does not work and we couldn’t find any other solutions within the forum.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.